Volume 7




A Very Brief Tale of a Most Unfortunate Fate” by Genevieve Smith
winner of the 2018 LSSU Short Story Award
Tempus Fugit” by Brendan Lukomski
Forty Minutes” by Mikael Ranta
“Island Girl” by Daraka Hudecek


Apprehensively in Love” by Jessica Orazietti
winner of the 2017 Best ENGL 110 Personal Essay Contest
His Story” and “Dear Dad” by Ana Robbins


November’s Storms” by Taylor Worsham
winner of the 2018 Stellanova Osborn Poetry Prize
Refuge” by Rachel Tallon
Three Poems by Michael Oakes
Two Poems by Wayne Thompson
“Robbers” by Taylor Worsham
You Were There” by Elizabeth ‘Lizziegh’ Enos
Swan of Blood” by Alexia Whisler
The Wall” by Leah Mockridge
The Rose that Drowned” by Max Lathrop
Old Southern Man” by Daraka Hudecek
Our Split Paths” by Harley Kahl
“Red Guardian” by Emma Fowler
To the Person Who Gets to Love Her” by MaKaila Marrison


Sheri Lake” by Tristen Gleason
2018 issue cover photograph
Two Paintings by Laura Ross
Three Photographs by Serena Lake

Editorial Board

Elizabeth Garavaglia
Art Editors
Ky Dubeau
Beth Godell (Fall)
Fiction Editors
Amy Lehigh
Rachel Tallon
Wayne Thompson
Kaylynn Anderson (Fall)
Megan Dell (Fall)
Elizabeth Garavaglia (Fall)
Kali Henke (Fall)
Tatiana Hulan (Fall)
Poetry Editors
MaKaila Marrison
Leah Mockridge
Michaela Titus
Spenser Baron (Fall)
Mikayla Carstens (Fall)
Nonfiction Editors
Leah Bartz
Elizabeth Garavaglia
Daraka Hudecek
Katie Smith (Fall)
Managing Editor
Ana Robbins (Fall)
Faculty Advisors
Julie Brooks Barbour
Mary McMyne