Volume 6




The Diaper” by Ana Robbins
2017 LSSU Short Story Award 
Love” by Ana Robbins
2017 LSSU Story Award, Runner-up
Homecoming” by Elizabeth Grace
Temptation Meets Opportunity” by Elizabeth Grace
The Monster that Rides the Waves” by Paige Cavaness
The Tide” by Madison Monette
The Rabbit Hole” by Lily Staricha
Timeline of the Not-So-Distant Future” by Dylan Wyatt
“Without Emma” by Elizabeth Grace


Dad Worries” by Adam Uhrig
2017 Stellanova Osborn Poetry Award, Winner
In the Cabin” by Charlotte Mazurek
2017 Stellanova Osborn Poetry Award, Runner-up
Milennial” by Noah Dannenberg
The Path” by Dylan Wyatt
Forever Bound” by Megan Chmielewski
Fawn in Headlights” by Paige Cavaness
The Air of Poetry” by Amy Lehigh
What Does the World Want from Me?” by Dylan Wyatt
Changeling” by Mel Gilbertson
Ruination” by Makaelynn Marken
At Ten I Was An Astronomer” by Destinee Bruce
2016 Stellanova Osborn Poetry Award, Winner


Shaken” by Ana Robbins
Drink” by Ana Robbins
Passion Runs Wild” by Sydney Smith
Family Reunion” by Ana Robbins
Glossy” by Caitlin Crum
Stargazing” by Ana Robbins


WLK” by Thomas Kovas
VD” by Thomas Kovas
Phoenix Rising” by Mikaela Matheny
Shattered Heart” by Mikaela Matheny
Lady of the Stars” by Mikaela Matheny
Dead River Falls” by Connor Reppuhn
Raven Skull” by Mel Gilbertson
Fire in the Depths” by Mel Gilbe

Editorial Board

Brandon Gage
Assistant Editors
Brianna Boyer, All Genres
Brandon Gage, Fiction
Mel Gilbertson, Nonfiction, Art
Taylor Trueblood, Poetry
Faculty Advisors
Julie Brooks Barbour
Mary McMyne